With a generous donation from Transurban, VTTI has developed the Motorcycle Technology Evaluation Challenge (MOTOTEC). This program will test and evaluate promising motorcycle innovations developed by participating vendors to expedite the deployment of technology on our roadways.

How Does It Work?

Vendors with market or near-market ready motorcycle technologies will present their innovations and products to a steering committee of diverse stakeholders in the motorcycle industry. This steering committee will then evaluate these innovative solutions and ultimately select a final candidate to undergo further studying.

Why Become a Part of the Challenge?

This challenge will provide participants the opportunity to present their technologies and/or solutions at no cost. In addition, the selected vendor will receive access to a well-established network of prominent committee members who help to shape the motorcycle industry. Vendors may also receive access to the research capabilities and network of the largest group of driving safety researchers in the world. As a test case, researchers will assess the vendor’s technology who will then provide valuable insight to the efficacy of the vendor’s product. As such, participation in the study provides the vendor with an opportunity to work directly with these researchers on a trial basis.

If you would like to enter MOTOTEC as a technology vendor or become a member of the steering committee, please click the respective button below.

Vendors Steering Committee

Who Is Transurban?

Transurban is a global leader in toll road redevelopment, financing, delivery, operations and technology with a network encompassing more than 900 miles of all-electronic toll roads, tunnels and bridges across North America and Australia. At the heart of the company’s business strategy is the desire to be a partner of choice for government clients and to be an organization that meets the needs of its customers. Transurban has built a track record of partnering with governments to successfully deliver key infrastructure and is recognized for developing smarter, safer and more sustainable solutions that meet the long-term transportation needs of growing cities. Transurban’s growing road networks support millions of drivers — its two U.S. roads make up more than 40 miles of Express Lanes in the Washington, D.C. area, one of the nation’s most congested markets. The Express Lanes are dynamically tolled lanes that operate on I-495 and I-95 in Northern Virginia to provide customers with faster and more predictable travel options.